Who’s in Your Family Tree

Genealogy, the study of families and their  history, attracts many who are drawn to the stories and lineage of their ancestors. Families conceal secrets that we often reveal while uncovering our heritage. Are there people in your family history that you are embarrassed about: heroes, famous kings or leaders that make you proud?

Jesus’ heritage from the beginning of creation is revealed in  the Old Testament, his coming and the new covenant are found in New Testament stories. During advent, we turn our hearts and minds inward and reflect on God’s plan of salvation revealed in Jesus Christ.  As story tellers and symbol makers, we respond well to imagery  and one way to walk the advent journey is through the symbol of the Jesse Tree.

This advent season, I am working with the Jesse Tree symbology and creating a banner for my church.

Drawing from an art historical background, this piece will take some of my favorite imagery and bring it to life in a 5 foot by 15 foot banner. You can see the pattern blown up to full size and watch its progress here over the next few days. I will be adding little pieces of history and an advent season devotional later.

My design includes a base that looks like a tree that I constructed from PVC pipe that I created a wire armature over.

I then did a fabric sculpture with a hardener to make it look like bark.


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