The Never Ending Story

Completed Banner

Advent is a season of waiting, waiting for the coming of the of the infant Christ. And even though we know what we are waiting for, and what to expect, year after year, we wait again, as if for something unexpected. It is a sort of unending story, but one that we really never want to end.

 Remember when you were a little kid, the feeling you had after Christmas morning, when all the wrappings were crumpled and shoved in the garbage? When all the hopes of anticipated dreams culminated in the “expected”, we can feel let down, even a bit dissappointed. But with the advent story, we never cease hoping, expecting and rejoicing. The birth of Christ gives us even more to look forward to. We find in the gift of the child born on this day, the hope of ressurection.
My Banner is complete, the infant is placed in the hightest position atop its towering heights. But the story is never ending, and will continue to be told, throughout the rest of Advent, and Christmas and Christmases to come.

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