Epiphanies and New Mexico

A recent trip to New Mexico was what I imagine the pilgrimage of the Magi to have been.

My husband and I made our virgin trek to this sacred place last weekend in order to be a part of a celebration of his niece at her baby shower. It was an honor to be included and brought us closer to what her experience of the birthing process must be like for her. The stark landscape in its blanket of winter snow was unlike any I had experienced and seemed to be full of the mystery of holding opposites together in one place. Arid frostiness, cold desert afternoons and brilliant colors against shimmering ice blue were difficult to get my head around. But so is the juxtaposition of Death and Birth, Dark and Light. Epiphany is all about becoming aware of spiritual anomalies; sudden awakening glimmers of how endings and beginnings are not really very far apart at all interject their presence. Birthing new ideas, creating life while resting in the winter landscape’s stillness – gifts of the magi indeed.


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