The Sacred Garden: Taking an Artistic Path to the Cloister Within

A recent workshop I was asked to teach at the Grünewald Guild in Plain, Washington, underwent a last-minute transformation due to low registration. Originally intended as a week-long retreat-like approach to creating art for the church while gleaning inspiration from within the heart of the Garden, the offering blossomed into a demonstration of how the contemplative creative can transform their prayer life by way of the garden gate.

My intention was to be able to share how observing and creating from inside the botanical world often leads to deeper reflection and restoration. If we can allow ourselves to have down time, and immerse ourselves in the garden, metaphorically as well as physically, we can discover, or “unhide” as Jan Richardson so eloquently put it, that which is missing, revealing a truth that we might have been seeking. Sometimes we have to fast from whatever it is that is hindering us from entering the garden and potentially finding what it is we are called to be or do.
My good fortune of having been partnered with an outstanding team of talented teachers, including artist, author and theologian, Jan Richardson, her gifted husband, musician and storyteller Garrison Doles, and the incredibly creative artist Kristen Gilje brought me great blessings as they encouraged me to “unleash the random idea generator”. Brave souls that they are, they stood back and let me roll with a new plan. My revised approach to sharing what can come from the garden grew into a feast and an invitation for all to “come to the table”.

Watch for new posts and pictures that will shed light on how a garden can be a sacred place of revelation, or how a table is a place of community, sharing and hospitality. I invite you to return to discover the spaces that exist betwixt and between the garden and the table.


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