Laurie Kathleen Clark –

BioPhotoResizeDesigner, artist and sacred space consultant, Laurie Kathleen Clark, creates custom banners, vestments, stained glass, and sacred objects including icons. She facilitates workshops and creates unique liturgical art. Her lifelong study of Sacred Space and the relationship between art and faith is an integral part of all her artwork.
“I am a contemplative artist who has trouble accessing verbal skills. Finding the right words to talk about the amazing things I observe around me can be frustrating. It is much more natural for me to pick up a paint brush, some embroidery floss or my camera when I wish to share some new discovery. The artwork I create is meant to be enjoyed on whatever level the viewer experiences it and is not layered with complex meaning. I am influenced by my historical and religious interests and enjoy re-imagining and interpreting ancient works in new ways.”
– Laurie Kathleen Clark


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you Laurie for the awesome feast last week at Grunewald Guild!! It was a lovely and memorable way to conclude a great week. The handmade cards, flowers, candles, special food, and table coverings made each of us feel so special.

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